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Bandish Projekt is pleased to announce the release of ALCHEMY, their first single from the forthcoming album Connekt
‘Alchemy’ is the new release from Indian electronic artists Bandish Projekt, based around a collaboration with Uk Spoken word artist Last Mango in Paris.Alchemy is a celebration of modern day India; Narvekar’s production combines a traditional Indian aesthetic with an electronic undercurrent and vocals from UK’s Hannah Hannah Magenta. The track provides a foundation for a poem which evokes a contemporary subcontinent, where tradition is remixed by a generation hungry for change.

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Artist - Bandish Projekt
Track - Alchemy
Composed,Produced and Mixed by - Mayur Narvekar
Lyrics/Poetry - Shane Solanki ( Last Mango in Paris)
Additional Vocals - Hannah
Madhukar Dhumal - Shenai
Mastered - Metropolis Studios (UK)
Published - Asian Music Publishing Ltd (AMP)

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My new sounds:

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My new sounds:

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